Achiote Los Patitos Bundle
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Achiote Los Patitos Bundle

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Achiote Los Patitos Costa Rica

Making Costa Rican food beautiful for over 70 years


  • Small Batch - Hand made by a local Costa Rican family, this is the #1 achiote paste in Costa Rica
  • All-natural - colored by the annatto seed, this product contains no artificial colorants. 
  • Free of trans fat - unlike competitors, this product is low in fat and completely free of trans fats.

    The possibilities are endless

    This achiote paste gives the red color to dishes such as shrimp and ricechicken and ricepork for tamales and more. Relatively flavorless, you can brighten up almost any savory dish with this low calorie and low-fat food. 

    Specs and Material

    • 7.4 ounces
    • 4” diameter x 2.25”
    • Vegetable fat, annatto paste, rice flour (all natural)
    • Gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian and vegan. May contain traces of peanut.