Chiverre Costa Rica
empanadas de chiverre on a white doily
empanadas with side of chiverre jam
Pile of chiverre squash from Costa Rica.
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Chiverre Costa Rica

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Chiverre Jam

Uniquely Costa Rican homemade jam


  •  Made in the highlands- This chiverre jam is made at altitude in Costa Rica by La Esperanza, the foremost maker of chiverre jam  
  • Multi-use - whether you put this jam on toast, with cheese and crackers, a sweetenr in your tea or coffee, cupcake filling or in the famous Costa Rican empanadas (LINK), this jam goes fast!

    You’ll lick the spoon

    Chiverre is made from the chiverre squash, (similar to spaghetti squash) and then boiled with caramelized cane sugar for a uniquely Costa Rican flavor. By far our most popular product, if this isn’t sold out, add it to your cart!

    Specs and Material

    • Size
    • 17 ounces
    • Chiverre, caramelized cane sugar, granulated sugar
    • Nut-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian and vegan