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Costa Rica Trip Plan Video Chat

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Custom travel advice from Christa Jimenez, Costa Rica travel expert specializing in family travel to Costa Rica. She's been traveling in and around Costa Rica for over 20 years- more than half of that with her own kids or high school students in tow.

Ask her anything, get tips and advice for your next trip, or determine if Costa Rica is right for your next family vacation. I specialize in family-friendly accommodations, the best, most authentic restaurant recommendations, and finding reputable guides and companies for excursions at the very best prices.

When your call is completed I'll send you a personalized email with the links and resources we discussed so that you can experience success right away.

Moving to Costa Rica? I've done that too- with kids and without! I'd be happy to discuss moving there with you as well.


It’s simple- you determine how much time you need with me and you can ask me anything you want about traveling through Costa Rica. Maybe you just want 15 minutes to make sure your ideas are on track. Maybe you have no idea where to start and you need an hour. Fine! You’ll just book the amount of time you want.  Then, we’ll find a time to video chat and we will get your trip planned.