Costa Rican Tuna Bundle
Costa Rican Tuna Bundle
Costa Rican Tuna Bundle
Costa Rican Tuna Bundle
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Costa Rican Tuna Bundle

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Sardimar Tuna In Oil

Straight from the ocean to your table!


  • Wild Caught - there is no tuna packed fresher- packed same day as caught as the plant is located right on the waters of the Pacific Ocean in Costa Rica.
  • Packed in oil - giving a rich flavor to the chunk light tuna
  • Easy open- The pull top tab makes this tuna easy to open and devour!

  • There’s no fresher canned tuna

    Eat tuna like a Costa Rican by mixing a bit of mayo and salsa Lizano into this tuna for the perfect cracker topping. Great ingredient for tuna and avocado toast, tuna and shells salad, tuna lasagna, and more.  This is fresh, wild caught tuna found just off of the Pacific waters of Costa Rica- you can taste the difference.

    Specs and Material

    • 3.5” diameter, 1.5” tall
    • 4.98 ounces
    • Tuna, vegetable oil
    • Nut-free, gluten-free, dairy-free. Contains fish.