Leche Pinito Bundle
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Leche Pinito Bundle

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Leche Pinito Powdered Milk

Not your average powdered milk


  • Vitamin Fortified - enriched with iron, Vitamins A and D, and folic acid
  • Unique Flavor - this is the product that gives the pop of flavor to Costa Rican smoothies, granizados (Costa Rican snow cones) and hot chocolate. Just a touch sweeter than the powdered milk found in the US. 
  • Household staple - almost every household has Leche Pinito on hand to mix into coffee, hot chocolate, smoothies, and more for a quick shot of milk and vitamins.

  • Leche Pinito was originally given to families of young children by the government after breastfeeding or as a formula replacement because of its high vitamin content. (This product does not replace baby formula). Today, this product can be kept on hand as a milk replacement that lasts much longer and just mixes with water for a delicious and easy glass of cow’s milk.

    Specs and Material

    • 10” x 7” x 1”
    • 14 ounces
    • Whole milk, soy lechtin
    • Nut-free, gluten-free. Contains dairy. Vegetarian.