Morenitos Hard Candy Costa Rica
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Morenitos Hard Candy Costa Rica

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Morenitos Hard Candy

Uniquely Costa Rican flavor- it’s not caramel, is it?


  •  Unique flavor-  Made from tapa de dulce (Costa Rican cane sugar borwned and liquified), the flavor is unique and fabulous
  • Perfect for gifting - These candies go perfectly as a sweet treat in a school lunch, in Christmas stockings and Easter eggs, and as a host or hostess gift. 
  • Low calorie, fat free - Full flavor. These caramely candies are the perfect cheat when you need just a little sugar.

  • Costa Rica’s favorite candy

    Each package contains about 50 individually wrapped candies, making them perfect for gifting, hiding or a unique candy dish addition.  These candies have been delighting Costa Rican children and adults for years

    Specs and Material

    • 8” x 5” x .5”
    • 7.5 ounce
    • Sugar, milk powder, soy
    • Nut-free, gluten-free, vegetarian. Contains dairy.