large sized pastel and peacock blue El Canto kerchief worn as long décolletage scarf.
large pastel and peacock blue colored El Canto kerchief scarf worn as long neck accessory wrap.
close up corner of peacock blue pastel colored costa rican handkerchief.
large pastel and peacock blue colored El Canto kerchief worn as frilly knotted décolletage scarf accessory.
full size view of peacock blue and pastel colored El Canto Costa Rican handkerchief scarf.
peacock blue pastel El Canto Costa Rican handkerchiefs in 3 sizes.
Pastel Handkerchief - El Canto
Pastel Handkerchief - El Canto
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Pastel Handkerchief - El Canto

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Gorgeous Costa Rican Handkerchief

Bringing Costa Rican art and culture to fashion


  • 100% made in Costa Rica - 
  • Versatile - hair tie, scarf, blouse, pocket square or purse decoration 

  • Support Local Costa Rican Artesans

    Sourced from a women-owned business and hand-sewn by professional Costa Rican seamstresses. Your purchase directly supports Costa Rican artisans and seamstresses who are paid fair wages to produce these products. 

    Specs and Material

    • Large is 27 in square, Medium is  18 inches square, Small is 13 inches square
    • 100% polyester
    • Single-sided sublimation print
    • Silky texture and light satin finish
    • Narrow rolled hem
    • Branded fabric tag on reverse