Salsa Lizano Bundle
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Salsa Lizano Bundle

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Salsa Lizano

Uniquely Costa Rican


  • Adds flavor to any dish-  This is the sauce that gives distinct flavor to gallo pinto, chicken and rice, and almost any braised meat found in Costa Rica. 
  • Perfect for slathering - This sauce is a great, mild flavor to add to any favorite dish- from steak and potatoes to Christmas tamales.
  • Not spicy! - This is not a hot sauce, which makes it a perfect sauce for the whole family.

  • A Costa Rican food staple since 1920

    Salsa Lizano is a unique mix of fresh vegetables, spices and water that creates a uniquely addicting sauce you can add to anything from eggs to meat. Often compared to Worchestershire sauce, this sauce was invented in 1920 in Costa Rica and scaled to become the nation’s most popular sauce. 

    Specs and Material

    • 3” diameter, 10 “ tall
    • 24 ounces
    • Contains water, sugar, salt, red pepper, garlic, turmeric papricka
    • Nut-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian and vegan